$995.00 AUD

EBEFT Speciality Practitioner Training June 2023 - Chronic Pain

This training is designed for attendees with foundational skills in EFT - you do need to know EFT to attend. You may have attended:

  • An EBEFT Practitioner and Trauma Training
  • EFT Universe 4 Day EFT training
  • EFTi Level 1&2 EFT training
  • ACEP Level 1&2 EFT Training

This 2-day speciality workshop will dive deep into the application of Clinical EFT to Chronic Pain. 

2021-22 research now shows EFT can affect the pain pathways in the brain and this research and more will be shared.

Other strategies that will be covered in this training:

  • how acute pain becomes chronic pain 
  • the role of psychological factors and personality style in the development of chronic pain 
  • how EFT can be applied to both acute and chronic pain (including case studies of injury)
  • how to apply EFT with creativity at the body level
  • how to uncover and target secondary gain issue in pain 
  • and more!

This training is very experiential and you will apply EFT to your own concerns, as well as learn how to work with clients.