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At Evidence Based EFT we are industry leading facilitators of education & professional development in Clinical EFT. This is the version tested in clinical research trials.

We aim to help practitioners deliver EFT more successfully through workshops, training & professional development based on the latest research in Clinical EFT. 

Evidence Based EFT is led by World Leading Researcher, Best Selling Author & Clinical Health Psychologist, Dr Peta Stapleton who has over 30 years experience in teaching and delivering EFT based education. 

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Deepen your EFT skills through Masterclasses, training and professional development based on the latest research in Clinical EFT.

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Evidence Based EFT offers training in Clinical EFT for lay people wanting to be accredited, and for health professionals wanting to upskill. Learn from our highly skilled trainers across the world either in person or online.

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What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is a combination of psychotherapy and acupressure, and is demonstrating outstanding results for PTSD, chronic pain, weight issues, stress reduction and more.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a brief  intervention combining elements of exposure and cognitive therapy, and physical stimulation of acupressure points. It is often referred to as ‘Tapping’ as it uses a two finger tapping process. EFT enjoys three features that distinguish it as a fourth-wave therapy: It is a true mind-body approach in that it includes direct interventions at the level of the body; it changes brain activity very rapidly; and it has special advantages in quickly and permanently shifting outdated emotional learnings. 

Australian research has found EFT for obesity and food cravings and weight management to be extremely successful and durable over time.  Acceptance of EFT includes the USA Veteran’s Administration;  The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, Canada; The National Insurance Disability Scheme NDIS) in Australia, and many more. Hospitals and private clinics worldwide now include EFT and 1000s of teachers have trained in Tapping in the Classroom for daily use with students.

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Tapping In the Classroom

This is our signature training for teachers. 

This 11-module (20 hours professional development) training will give teachers the skills to help students:

  • Recognise and understand their emotions.
  • Discover how to become confident, resilient and adaptable.
  • Improve well-being, self-esteem and academic success.

Based on clinical trial research, this course is self directed and presented by world leading EFT researcher, Dr Peta Stapleton. It is designed to be understood and applied by anyone new to EFT or Tapping. The training is a combination of movie files where Dr Peta teaches the lessons, extra videos to watch and learn, practical exercises to do during the training and in between modules, and handouts and sample letters for parents/principals. We have included example tapping scripts for common concerns and the latest research in a comprehensive training manual.


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Meet the Founder 

Evidence Based EFT was created by World Leading Researcher, and 2019 Psychologist of the Year (Australia) Dr Peta Stapleton. Peta is an Associate Professor at Bond University (AUS) and is the author of best selling book The Science Behind Tapping published by Hay House.  

Dr Peta Stapleton has 30 years experience as a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist in Queensland, Australia and has completed a Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy. Peta held academic positions at Griffith University for 14 years, teaching and coordinating psychological research trials into new therapies in the area of obesity and weight management and is now Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University.

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