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Advanced EFT Accreditation Training



Advanced Practitioner Accreditation is the highest level of EBEFT training. For practitioners who have been using EFT with clients for at least a year, this training is designed to extend their understanding of EFT while equipping them with advanced tools and techniques that enable them to expand their practice, specialise more effectively, and grow as a practitioner. With topics such as how to work with shame, anger, suicidal ideation and self-harm, this advanced training acknowledges that these difficult areas can arise within any population and the practitioner who is properly trained is best prepared to deal safely, compassionately, and effectively when they present. In addition, the advanced training will offer an emphasis on working with multi-session clients, especially in relation to dealing with long term/chronic emotional and physical issues. This, coupled with a focus on learning the nuanced delivery of EFT, often referred to as “art of delivery,” will round out a training that supports both the deepening and the expansion of a successful professional practice.

Note to those already accredited at an advanced or expert level with other training bodies: EBEFT Advanced Accreditation is only available to people who have already been granted the foundational EBEFT Accredited Practitioner status (through EBEFT training and/or grandfathering).

In order to attain EBEFT Advanced Accredited Practitioner status with EBEFT, trainees will meet the following requirements within two years of beginning the mentoring process:

• EBEFT Accredited Practitioner status attained no more recently than 6 months prior
• In practice as an EFT practitioner for at least one year
• Attended a minimum of 49 class hours of advanced workshops consisting of the 21 hour Advanced Practitioner workshop plus additional 28 class hours of Speciality workshops
• Complete 50 Practice Client Sessions
• Attended 6 individual mentoring sessions with an Advanced trainer
• Attended 3 small-group mentoring sessions
• Pass an online exam (multiple choice)
• Recommendation* for advanced accreditation by candidate’s mentors.

Once accredited, there is an annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirement of 6 hours to maintain current status. There are many times this amount of content in the EFT HQ site which you will have free access to in the first year.
An annual renewal fee is required to maintain website listing of $297AUD, payable for the first time on the 1 year anniversary of your accreditation.

A Certificate of Completion for professional development needs is issued after each training, and a further EBEFT Advanced Practitioner Accreditation Certificate is issued at the completion of the Advanced Accreditation pathway.

Cost of Training

Like the foundational level of EBEFT premium accreditation training, the Advanced training consists of multiple components, such as workshops, mentoring, and registration, and there is no single upfront payment. The requirements outlined below are paid for as you go, over the course of the two- year training window, to the individual trainers, mentors, and other vendors covering things such as the cost of the test, insurance, and admin.

The benefit of this is that there is no financial commitment beyond what you choose to undertake, step-by-step as you progress. This way we stay in integrity while giving you the freedom to manage your journey.

The workshops you attend are priced at varying rates and the overall cost of the workshop component of your training will depend on which workshops you choose.

The Advanced Practitioner workshop is held live online and currently costs AU$1195.00 for early bird registration and AU$1295.00 otherwise (Australian GST inclusive). In future, this may also be held in person and, if so, the fee will increase in accordance with the increased cost of running an in person workshop.
The other Speciality workshops required range in price so the best way to gauge the cost of the additional 4 days of workshop hours is to check the listing page, where there are a variety of 1 and two day workshops to choose from, and go from there.

The mentoring by experienced, advanced practitioners, themselves, comprised of 6 individual hours in which you go over 50 practice client sessions, costs $200 per hour for an approximate cost of AU$1200.00 (sometimes inclusive of GST, depending on the mentor). Group Mentoring costs AU$225.00 for the three hours, so rounding up brings the total mentoring to about AU$1425.00. Please note, this is for the minimum number of mentoring sessions. Mentors may determine that an additional session(s) are required to fill any gaps in a trainee’s understanding of advanced techniques or concepts and this will add those hourly rate charges to the cost.

At the end of the training, when you have met all the workshop, mentoring, and other requirements, there is AU$500.00 (Australian GST inclusive) registration fee that includes the administration of the advanced EFT online test, admin, updating your existing listing on the EBEFT accredited practitioner page to your new advanced status and a bonus year of access to the EFT HQ site (an AU$697.00 value).

In summary, the overall cost of this level of premium accreditation can be expected to come to approximately AU$5200.00 (not including your existing practitioner insurance, which must be maintained).

How to Proceed

The first step must be taken within a year of attending the EBEFT Advanced Practitioner workshop (21 hours, usually over 3 days). If it has been more than one year since you attended, you are required to re-take the workshop which can be done for at the 50% discount for reviewers.

If you do not need to take or retake the above workshop, the next step is to register your intent with us. Upon registration, you will be sent step by step instructions on how to proceed, chose your first mentor, etc.


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* IMPORTANT: As a duty of care to the general public, EBEFT reserves the right to withhold accreditation status in the unlikely event that an individual’s mentors assess the trainee to have demonstrated behaviour that is either directly intolerant, judgemental, or abusive towards any client or that leads them to believe there is a risk of this happening.

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