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Premium EFT Accreditation Training

About Premium EFT Accreditation

For practitioners seeking the highest level of training, EBEFT Premium Accreditation is available to both licensed health professionals and laypeople. Accreditation is offered in two levels:

• Accredited Practitioner
• Accredited Advanced Practitioner

In addition to attendance at the specified workshops, accreditation has a number of other skill and experience building requirements, including extensive one to one private and group mentoring/supervision in Clinical EFT.

The objectives of the Evidence Based EFT Premium Accreditation include:

• Providing high-quality training that aligns with the guidelines of the USA Cognitive Somatic Energy Practices National Standards working document.
• Establishing recognition symbols to indicate all training requirements for the level of accreditation have been met.
• Showcasing practitioners who have achieved Premium Accreditation on the EBEFT website practitioner listing.

EBEFT considers accreditation to be very important. Existing clinicians working with clients in a therapy context, or novice practitioners who are developing their EFT skills will find the process of accreditation will enhance their expertise, quality and competency in using EFT with a wide range of clients. Developing a high level of proficiency is vital for comprehensive client care, and the benefits of accreditation include:

• Maximises the teaching and learning experience of EFT training
• Ensures ethically sound and robust EFT clinical practice
• Enhances quality control in the EFT field
• Opportunity for practitioners to demonstrate competence in using EFT

What is Premium Accreditation?

Premium Accreditation as an EBEFT Practitioner is not required in order to practice EFT. Many existing licensed health professionals may want to seek EFT skills training only, however basic training does not cover all the applications possible, and bad habits can and will occur. For best practice, and quality service for clients, ongoing mentoring through the accreditation pathway is strongly recommended.

EBEFT Premium Accreditation aims to be recognised as the best, most comprehensive and most rigorous Clinical EFT training in the world.

Successfully completing all the requirements for accreditation allows practitioners to display the Premium Accreditation logo and title on their website and marketing materials. EBEFT is well regarded in the EFT world and Dr Peta Stapleton is the world’s leading researcher in the EFT field. Aligning yourself with this training program will be associated as being reputable and evidence based.

The Premium Accreditation Pathway

For those completing the Premium Accreditation the following requirements must be met:

  • Completion of EBEFT Practitioner Training workshop
  • Completion of EBEFT Trauma Training workshop
  • Sign EBEFT Code of Conduct
  • 16 hours of mentoring (10 hours of individual and 6 hours small group mentoring) 
  • 13 hours of EFT self-work
  • 50 mentored/supervised practice hourlong client sessions (2 recorded as Video Sessions reviewed in mentoring sessions) and the remaining 48 recorded on session notes forms
  • Evidence of practitioner insurance
  • An online Ethics Exam 
  • Recommendation* for accreditation by candidate’s mentors.

Evidence of ongoing continuing education (CPD; 6 hours) is required every year to maintain practitioner listing on the website.

 A Certificate of Completion for professional development needs is issued after the training.


* IMPORTANT: As a duty of care to the general public, EBEFT reserves the right to withhold accreditation status in the unlikely event that an individual’s mentors assess the trainee to have demonstrated behaviour that is either directly intolerant, judgemental, or abusive towards any client or that leads them to believe there is a risk of this happening.


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