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EFT Practitioner Accreditation Training



Practitioner Accreditation is the foundational level of EBEFT training and covers all the core techniques and concepts of Clinical EFT in a thorough, comprehensive and supervised way. Accredited practitioners will be skilled in the use of EFT and its range of powerful techniques. They will be able to safely and effectively, in a trauma-informed way, handle a wide variety of issues across a range clients, including special populations such as children, people struggling addictions, and chronic pain sufferers, to name just a few.

In order to attain the status of Evidence Based EFT Accredited Practitioner, trainees must meet the following requirements within two years of beginning the mentoring process.

• Completion of the EBEFT Practitioner workshop (21 class hours)
• Completion of EBEFT Trauma workshop (14 class hours)
• Sign EBEFT Code of Conduct
• 16 hours of mentoring (10 hours of individual and 6 hours small group mentoring) with between 3 and 4 different mentors.
• 13 hours of EFT self-work
• 50 mentored/supervised hourlong practice client sessions (2 recorded as Video Sessions reviewed in mentoring sessions) and the remaining 48 recorded on session notes forms
• Evidence of practitioner insurance
• An online Ethics Exam
• Recommendation* for accreditation by candidate’s mentors.

Once accredited, there is an annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirement of 6 hours to maintain current status and listing on the website. There are many times this amount of content in the EFT HQ site which you will have free access to in the first year.

An annual renewal fee is required to maintain website listing of $297AUD, payable for the first time on the 1 year anniversary of your accreditation.

A Certificate of Completion for professional development needs is issued after each workshop, and a further EBEFT Practitioner Accreditation Certificate is issued at the completion of the Accreditation pathway.

Cost of Training

As EBEFT training consists of multiple components, such as workshops, mentoring, self-work, and registration, there is no single upfront payment. The requirements outlined below are paid for as you go, over the course of the two- year training window, to the individual trainers, mentors, and other vendors covering things such as the cost of the ethics book, insurance and admininstration.

The benefit of this is that there is no financial commitment beyond what you choose to undertake, step-by-step as you progress. This way we stay in integrity while giving you the freedom to manage your journey. And for those worried that the lack of an upfront commitment will take away the incentive to keep going, we say only that this training is not intended to be one size fits all and it may not suit your temperament or circumstances (but that tapping is a great way to deal with procrastination!).

The workshops you attend are typically charged at AU$995 early bird and AU$1095 full price (Australian GST inclusive), however individual Trainers may adjust this fee based on venue costs and location of training. Some workshops are offered online, and live (not recorded). Depending on when you register and the location of the workshop, expect to pay about AU$2090.00.

The mentoring, which is an important component of the training is with experienced practitioners, many of whom have been in private practice and conducting EFT workshops for years, and/or helping to facilitate Peta Stapleton’s clinical trials. The ten individual hours of mentoring in which you go over 50 practice client sessions, costs between $175 and $200 per hour, for an approximate cost of AU$2000.00 (sometimes inclusive of GST, depending on the mentor). Group Mentoring costs AU$450.00 for all six hours, so rounding up brings the total mentoring to about AU$2500.00. Please note, this is for the minimum number of mentoring sessions. Mentors may determine that an additional session(s) are required to fill any gaps in a trainee’s understanding of techniques or concepts and this will add those hourly rate charges to the cost.

The self work component of 13 hours of EFT includes 3 hours with an approved Accredited or Certified practitioner. The hourly cost of this varies depending on your chosen practitioner’s fees but you can expect to pay between $100 per hour (for a practitioner that offers special pricing to trainees) and upwards of $200 per hour for an experienced advanced practitioner. Averaged at $150, this comes to $450.00.

At the end of the training, when you have met all the workshop, mentoring, and self tapping requirements, there is AU$1000.00 (Australian GST inclusive) registration fee that includes the administration of the online test, admin, your listing on the EBEFT accredited practitioner page and a bonus year of access to the EFT HQ site (a $697.00AU value).

In summary, the overall cost of this level of premium accreditation can be anticipated at approximately AU$6250.00 (including practitioner insurance and the ethics book which is required reading).

How to Proceed

The first step must be taken within a year of attending the EBEFT Practitioner workshop (21 hours, usually over 3 days). If it has been more than one year since you attended, you are required to re-take the workshop. Most trainers offer a 50% discount for reviewers.

If you do not need to take or retake the above workshop, the next step is to register your intent with us. Upon registration, you will be sent step by step instructions on how to proceed, chose your first mentor, etc.


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* IMPORTANT: As a duty of care to the general public, EBEFT reserves the right to withhold accreditation status in the unlikely event that an individual’s mentors assess the trainee to have demonstrated behaviour that is either directly intolerant, judgemental, or abusive towards any client or that leads them to believe there is a risk of this happening.

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