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Pre Reading Materials for Evidence Based EFT Trainings

If you have registered for an upcoming EFT training, it is your responsibility to review the following documents, in order to fully prepare yourself for the training. If you choose not to, you may find yourself at a disadvantage during the training.

If you have already read some or all of these in the past, this is your lucky day (you get to read less)!  The TEDx talk is a good summary to watch as well.

These are the Essential Papers to Read

Click On the link to Access The File

EFT International Manual
Research Summary Document
Is EFT Evidence Based? The 2022 Paper

These are Optional

Click On the link to Access The File

Meta Analysis EFT for PTSD
Clinical EFT Improves Multiple BioMarkers
Meta Analysis EFT for Depression
The Active Ingredient in EFT
Meta Analysis EFT for Anxiety
EFT Gene Study for PTSD
Chapter 4 EFT for PTSD
The Cortisol Replication Study
How Energy Psychology Changes Learnings


Is Therapy Facing a Revolution?

Dr Peta Stapleton presents on the 4th Wave

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