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Approved Mentors for Accreditation

If you are completing the Premium Accreditation Pathway with EBEFT, you will need to engage and in both individual and group mentoring.

All our Mentors who are not Trainers have successful private practices and are trained to at least the same level as EBEFT Premium Accreditation. You can be confident in their skills to guide you to Premium Accreditation.

You must complete 16 hours mentoring hours (10 hours of individual and 6-hours group supervision) - any of the mentors and trainers below are approved. If you consult with a mentor outside this list, you may not be approved for accreditation. Please note that both trainings need to be completed before the mentoring process for accreditation can begin. It is recommended that trainees complete the EBEFT Trauma Training within 3-6 months of the EBEFT Practitioner Training, to be able to integrate EFT into their ongoing clinical practice.

Accreditation as an EBEFT Practitioner is not required in order to practice EFT. Many existing licensed health professionals may want to seek EFT skills training only, however basic training does not cover all the applications possible, and bad habits can and will occur. For best practice, and quality service for clients, ongoing mentoring through the accreditation pathway is strongly recommended.

* please note while Dr Peta Stapleton delivers some of the trainings, she does not currently offer mentoring for EBEFT accreditation.

Naomi Janzen

Naomi is a Trainer for EBEFT and offers both individual and group mentoring. You can read about Naomi here.

Make contact here.

Mitch Gainey

Mitch is a Trainer for EBEFT and offers both individual and group mentoring. You can read about Mitch here.

Make contact here.

Michelle McCosker

Michelle is a Trainer for EBEFT and offers both individual and group mentoring. You can read about Michelle here.

Make contact here.

Louise Sage

Louise is a Trainer for EBEFT and offers both individual and group mentoring. You can read about Louise here.

Make contact here.

Brett Porter

Brett is a Trainer for EBEFT and offers both individual and group mentoring. You can read about Brett here.

Make contact here.

Terri Sheldon

Terri is a Trainer for EBEFT and offers both individual and group mentoring. You can read about Terri here.

Make contact here.

Lisa Gumieniuk

Lisa is a Certified Premium Accredited Evidence-Based EFT and EBEFT for Trauma practitioner and mentor. She has worked with hundreds of
clients in chronic and complex illness, emotional dysregulation, stress management and trauma. Her qualifications can be found here.

Make contact here.

Alja Hopkins

Alja has 23 years’ experience as a social worker (Europe, Australia). Alja has worked in trauma informed therapeutic specialised care, and is a Training Facilitator for Mind Heart Connect Foundation (field training in EBEFT). She is also a Gary Craig Certified Official EFT™ Master, Fully Certified in both Gold Standard EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT™

Make contact here.

Dr Mozelle Armijo

Dr. Mozelle Armijo (DACM, L.Ac) is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Clinical EFT practitioner and mentor.  Dr. Mo is currently completing her research masters in Cognitive Neuropsychology in the Netherlands. For more information please visit her website.


Katie Clark

Katie is a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, with Advanced Training in Evidence Based EFT for Trauma.  She has an international EFT practice infused with hundreds of hours of face-to-face learnings with clients. As a mentor Katie is dedicated to her self-work, keeping her skills up to date and creating a safe, open place for you to grow your skillset and confidence to keep clients safe and create tangible change in a high-quality practice.

Make contact here.

Christine Lawless

Christine is a registered Counsellor and Supervisor, EBEFT mentor and certified EFT Practitioner with advanced training in EFT for Trauma. She assisted with Dr
Peta Stapleton’s Chronic Pain Clinical Research Trials and the EBEFT and Trauma training. Christine sees the importance of developing functional relationships in all areas of life and understands that cohesive family relationships are the foundation for this. Specialising in parenting, she has facilitated courses in
Mindful Parenting and The Mindful Workplace and runs regular online Parenting and Philosophy courses. Christine is based in Brisbane, Australia and consults
face-to-face or online. Make contact here.

Jess Johnson

Jess is a Life Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner. As a former therapist and U.S. Army Veteran with a career that began working in corrections, her clients have described working with her as “brilliant, shocking, and mind-blowing”, as well as “safe, accepted, seen” and “pretty darn fun to work with!” Jess' approach is best described as “powerful mindset coaching meets psychological acupressure with a dash of magic!”

Make contact here


Anne Stanley

Anne is a certified Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology Practitioner, and Performance Coach who, before coming to EFT, had 30 years of successful corporate IT consulting via her own company. Subsequently she trained with Dr Lori Leyden in EFT for Trauma management. She regularly assists in the delivery of EBEFT training and the training delivered by the Mind Heart Connect Foundation. She has also assisted in the Chronic Pain Clinical Research trials conducted by Dr Peta Stapleton’s team. Anne brings her wide ranging career and life experiences to her clients with the express desire of helping them to use EFT to excel in all facets of their lives.  Make contact here.


The Mentoring Process for Premium Accreditation 

If you have already attended our EFT trainings within the last 12-18 months, you can begin the rest of the accreditation journey. Please visit the page below to register your intent and get started. The form will give you the mentor's emails after you submit and you can then make contact.


Visit the Mentoring Page for Everything you Need

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